Athani is located 36 km north east of Lefkada Town. It is a lovely mountainous village and has a population of 200 inhabitants most of whom are engaged in agriculture and tourism. Athani village is widely known for its amazing views; many agree that Athani village is one of the best destinations for staring at the sunset or gazing down into the Ionian Sea while taking photographs. Athani offers a plethora of amenities like mini-markets, local services, cafes and restaurants. However, it still is one of the finest examples of traditional architecture with old houses, unspoilt villages and small churches. This wonderful village is also is popular because it is situated close to many of the famous beaches in Lefkada, like Porto Katsiki, Gialos and Egremni. Tajo Villas truly have a view that is imaginable, picture yourself feasting outside while catching a glimpse of the sunset on the Ionian Sea.

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